Minutes of the Annual Patient Participation Group for the Evergreen Surgery

14th February 2020



Chaired by:  Dr S Amini



Staff attending: Dr M Greenfield GP Dr J Bunney, GP trainee, Mrs J Hustler (JH) practice manager.

Patient representation.


Patient list and apologies noted by JH


Staff updates

  • To hoped that Dr M Greenfield and Dr L Bunting who are currently salaried GPs will become partners in the practice in August.

  • 2 new administrators have joined the surgery, Connor and Daniel.

  • Receptionist Sue is being trained up by our nurse Agnes to become a health care assistant.

  • We have welcomed 3 new babies this year for Dr Bunting, Trecia (practice nurse) and Dr Barker (trainee)


Registrars/ trainee GP


Our trainees  this year are Dr L Ratnesekera ( ST3/ Registrar) and Dr J Bunney (ST2/  trainee GP)


Dr Greenfield has also been providing education sessions for 2nd year medical students.





The practice has introduced extended hours this year as part of a scheme to improve patient access.  The surgery now stays open until 19.30 on a Monday and opens for appointments at 07.30 on a Friday morning. These appointments are prebookable with half of them being available on line. No change has been made to the phone line opening times.

We now have 26% of our patients registered for on line access and have introduced an email non urgent service option. This is called econsult and is available via our website www.26highstreet.co.uk. Feedback from patients regarding this service so far has been excellent.


As our population continues to grow (9300) the need to maximise the opportunities to free up face to face appointments was discussed. JH confirmed that the practice follows the NHS guidance on new patients accessing the surgery and removal of patients from the list.


The meeting was also advised of the change to records access from April 2020.  Patients registered for online access (either via patient access or the NHS app) will be able to have full access to their records.



 Service updates


 The practice has been working on a number of projects this year to improve the care to our patients. A particular success has been the care of our diabetic patients.  67% of our patient s have already had all expected checks completed compared with just 27% last year.


We also undertook a frailty project to ensure that our most vulnerable patients were seen and had an individualised care plan in place. For some this included referral to the Redbridge social prescribing service which provides a range of options for increasing social interaction.


In response to a question raised, confirmation was given that annual medication reviews are undertaken with a particular focus on patients with multiple and complex medication needs.


Practices have now moved to become part of primary care networks (PCNS). As part of the Woodford and Wanstead network of 11 practices, we will be working together to maximise the best use of services for our patients.  One of the most successful projects so far has been the introduction of first contact physiotherapy. This is a local assessment service for patients with muscle and joint problems who have not been seen by their GP.



Facilities updates


The phone system has been upgraded to enable a queuing system and give patients more information on accessing other services.  The meeting gave positive feedback on this change. However, JH advised that we have received some complaints so would review after 6 weeks to see if changes needed to be made.  The new system will allow access to a monitoring report which will give a greater understand of the volume and length of calls.


Currently our calls are taking longer as the staffs have to check for any recent travel history that might indicate possible contact to the coronavirus.  It was confirmed that the practice has the necessary plans in place and staff receive daily updates.


The reception area is being considered for upgrade. This would include a 2 window arrangement and improved disabled access. Concerns were raised regarding confidentiality and discussions took place as how this might be factored in to any changes planned.  Plans will be shared patient partner group (PPG) as they are developed.



CQC and GP  survey  report.


Following on from our 2016 CQC visit, which rated our practice as good, an annual phone review has been introduced.  We are pleased to advise this review has been completed and the practice rating remains unchanged.  It is anticipated that we will have a visit in the next 18 months but no date has been set.


It was highlighted that the 2019 GP survey published results published show the Evergreen surgery has scored higher than their CCG average in every question. Our response rate was above the national average at 39%.


Results from our friends and family monthly data also continue to provide positive feedback with 94- 97% of patients recommending the service provided.


The recent department of public health report was also discussed.  The practice has links in place to support most of the areas flagged for addiction such as smoking, alcohol and drugs but agreed that they needed to consider what may be available for gambling recognising this as a growing problem.



Phlebotomy services continue to be variable at Wanstead hospital although improved seating arrangements were noted.  Due to space issues the surgery again confirmed that it would not be able to support an onsite service. It was also noted that the GPs cannot send patients to Whipps Cross for bloods. Domiciliary phlebotomy was also discussed and confirmation given this was for house bound patient s only. Waiting time for routine bloods can be up to 6 weeks.


Patient Participation Group


The surgery is looking to establish a smaller group to meet up to 3 times a year with an elected chair person. Timing of these meetings was discussed to ensure there is the opportunity for the group to be reflective of the surgery population.   The practice manager will be in contact with those that have expressed an interest.





17.2.2020 JH