Patient Participation Group

14th February 2019



Attending the meeting:

Staff and patients


Summary of Topics discussed

Staff changes


Mrs Jane Hustler – new practice manager .

Sabina Patel - receptionist



Registrars this year are Dr Lynette McKenzie and Dr Neil Bhadresha.


We asked if patients were concerned about seeing Registrars and the general consensus  was that the group had no problems with them and welcome their care.


New Salaried GP

 Dr Greenfield is staying with us and when Dr Gajjar returns from maternity leave in April this will increase the access to appointments


New Nurse

 We are very happy to employ Agnes Olunlade as an additional Practice Nurse. Having successfully completed her practice nurse training year she has agreed to take up a permanent position with us.

We will now have two permanent  nurses at the Surgery covering every weekday.


Blood Testing Service


We discussed the problems with having blood tests taken at Wanstead Hospital. It can take a long time to be seen as there is no appointment system and if you are fasting this can be a problem. They are only open between 8.00am to 1.00pm. Patients cannot go to Whipps Cross Hospital. We were asked if we would be able to do blood tests at the Surgery, unfortunately this is not possible as we do not have enough rooms available . It was suggested that if  you go later in the morning to Wanstead Hospital you may not have so long to wait as most people tend to go early.  Domiciliary visits for blood testing can take up to 2-3 months if it is routine.

One patient in the group said it is possible to go to Langthorne Hospital for Blood tests. It was mentioned that Britannia Pharmacy do the warfarin monitoring which is useful.



We now have a defibrillator which all staff are trained to use, although there are clear instructions given when it is used. We will be getting signs  put up to let the public know that we now have one.


Hearing Loop

We now have a hearing loop to help our patients who are less able to hear.


Health and Safety Regulations


Dr Amini mentioned that we are having new sinks and taps fitted to comply with new Health and Safety regulations and new chairs for reception. The opinion of the group was sought and it was requested that we have more chairs with arms, which we will do. It was also requested that we have chairs with different heights to help the elderly, we will look into this.


On-Line Bookings

There have been some problems with the on-line booking service for example not recognising patients details.

Dr Amini explained that it is a government initiative to increase the number of on-line appointment and this is why the number we reserve for on-line booking is increasing.

Some patients were unhappy with this as they feel in penalises people who do not have computers at home.

Regarding on the day bookings there is a discrepancy between the time the ordinary appointments open to be booked and the time the unused on-line appointments are available. We will look into this.

There is an information leaflet on the reception desk for patients who wish to use the on-line service.


E-Referal System

The new e-referrals system was discussed. There were  two mixed views on this. It can be confusing and complicated but generally to work well. The advantage of the system is that it does give the patient the choice of where to book and to choose a time that is convenient to them. Also it makes the Doctors more aware of services available at different hospitals

There are long waits for Neurology and Urology at the moment.

Maternity referrals can be done via a E-Referral and can be booked by self -referral



The group had not had any problems with this system. They can nominate which Pharmacy they with their prescription to go to.

Dosset Boxes can be arranged with the Pharmacy.

Another option is Pharmacy4you,( they will deliver prescriptions for patients.)


List of Doctors

 It was requested that a list of the Doctors at the Surgery should be put in the waiting room for patient information.


Jayex Board

It was pointed out that some patients do not like their names being shown on the Jayex Board.


Priorities of the Practice

Government led directives at the moment  include Frailty, Atrial Fibrillation, Diabetes and Carers and Cervical Screening.         

We are piloting a Carers Clinic- contacting carers and asking them to come to our special clinic to see where we are able help them. We have leaflets giving details of organisations, local and national which  also offer help. This is being run by Dr McKenzie and our two nurses.

Dr Ryan visits the local residential home to provide proactive care.

We have identified 150 patients in the fragile category and will be inviting them in for appointments to review their halth.

We offer 5 yearly checks for patients 40-75. These include measurement of weight, height, blood pressure and pulse also glucose and cholesterol levels


Patient Reminders

 50% of the group were aware of our text messaging service, which reminds patients of their appointments.  We plan to collect more email addresses and mobile phone numbers to enable more patients to be able to take advantage of this service.


Automatic Door

It was requested that we install an automatically opening door between the waiting room and surgeries 3-6 to the Surgeries for patients with push chairs. The door is sufficiently wide  to allow wheelchairs to go through. We will look into this suggestion.


Shingles Vaccines

One of the group said they had heard that there were health concerns relating to shingles Vaccines. Dr Amini explained that each patient is assessed for their suitability before this vaccine is given.


We said that we offer the vaccination to all patients over 70 who’s health is ok for it to be given .


One patient asked what would happen if a problem was shown on an ECG recorded at our surgery.

Dr Amini explained that if the patient was critically ill and needed immediate care then an ambulance would be called.