We invited patients to join a patient reference group to obtain their comments, views and opinions with regard to the Evergreen Surgery. Patients were invited from different nationalities and different ethnic, age, gender, social and economic backgrounds in order to provide a variety of input.


Practice Population Profile:

Questionnaires were left in the reception area and on the reception counter for the period of one month. Patients from different age groups, nationalities, gender, economic and social backgrounds were encouraged to participate. When questionnaires were returned, a cross section of patients were selected to join the Patient Group.


Process Used to Recruit our Patient Reference Group:

  • Posters were displayed in the Surgery inviting patients to participate.

  • Information was offered to patients in relation to diabetes, minor operations, flu clinics, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease clinics, heart support clinics thus targeting patients who attend the Surgery on a regular basis.

  • Patients attending Saturday morning, early weekday morning, evening and Baby Clinic appointments were also targeted.

  • Patients were asked to supply their email address in order that we could contact them and give them further information.

  • To protect patient's confidentiality, those attending the Patient Group signed a consent form.


Each member of the Patient Group completed a survey and was asked to comment on the resulting plan of action